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    A life in Letters

    This volume contains 133 letters spanning the years 1935 to 1970. They begin with Jane Bowles's late teenage years in Greenwich Village, her marriage to the writer-composer Paul Bowles, and the writing of Two Serious Ladies in Mexico in the early Forties. Subsequent letters detail her decision to go to Morocco (where Paul Bowles had gone in 1947), her arrival in Tangier, and her beginning struggle with her writer's block, coincident with her passion for the Arab women she met. The letters continue from Paris and New York and once again from Tangier, through the onset of her terrible illness - she suffered a severe stroke at age forty - through her battle for recovery, to the words eked out before her final silence in a convent hospital in Malaga in 1973.(Millicent Dillon, Introduction)

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    Vom Hass auf das geschriebene Wort: Die Briefe der Jane Bowles sind jetzt erstmals in deutscher Sprache erschienen. An ihren Verrücktheiten feilte sie. In Zentren exzentrischer New Yorker gelang ihr aufzufallen. Jane Auer, Jahrgang 1917, liebte Bars und fürchtete Natur, dort, wo Landschaften die Regelmässigkeit einer Tapete verlieren.
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