• Hunger
    • Franck, Katharina
    • Haage, Ulrike


    Katharina Franck is singer, songwriter and guitarist with the "Rainbirds" and a member of the theatre music trio "Gruppe Stein". HUNGER is the first CD on which Katharina Franck combines her German lyrics with music.

    Her own stories and those of strangers combine, as in real life, to form short films with their own soundtracks. Mumbled, spoken and sung, woven with modern sounds from life, from the computer and from instruments. "I used to jot down phrases and particular words that sounded good. Recently, while having a clear out, I found that list of ideas, which I hadn't taken very seriously, and realised it was actually a catalogue of the radical changes I'd been through."

    ".. Having discovered that the music in my voice is my own language and one that everyone understands, I now regard content, melody and rhythm as equally important elements. And the choice of tongues, like the choice of weapons, is free ..."

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