• Clarice Lispector
    • Miranda, Ana

    Clarice Lispector

    Portrait as invention

    Clarice is a woman living in Rio de Janeiro. In a collage of still-lifes captured with photographic precision, Ana Miranda presents a tender literary portrait of the novelist Clarice Lispector, exploring her everyday life, probing her hopes and desires.

    There's the city, which Lispector observes and maps in her quite unique way; there's the passionate devotion to an item, a name, the idea of a way of being that reinvents and rediscovers itself anew each day. The novelist comes forward and then steps back to take better look. The portraitist waits nearby to catch her words as they are spoken into the wind and carries them back ... (Our edition is in German only)

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    ISBN 978-3-88030-033-0
    13,00 EUR
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