• 7 dances of the holy ghost
    • Ammer, Andreas
    • Haage, Ulrike

    7 dances of the holy ghost

    "She shall be Holy." Canonisation, the myth of martyrs and model beings - highlight of the Roman Catholic Church, confirmed by a bureaucratic act on St.Peter's Square. Dignitaries in their magnificent vestments, the ancient litany of saints, the entering of a new "Servant of God" in the catalog of saints, "Decernimus, we so decree". And cut.

    Live coverage on the radio, broadcast world-wide. Multilingual "Radio Maria": grimly spoken Latin, German, English, Portuguese, the hysteria of American televangelists. Believers in ecstasy. And so bashful, the lascivious sighs at all that torment.

    Produktion BR / Hörspiel und Medienkunst 1998 Musik: Ulrike Haage Texte: Andreas Ammer
    ISBN 978-3-88030-034-7
    17,50 EUR
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