• Reise, Toter.
    • Grünbein, Durs
    • Haage, Ulrike

    Take a trip, dead man

    A radio drama production that truly breaks the mould: a duet between Grünbein and Haage. Durs Grünbein, the poet and collector, and Ulrike Haage, the composer and detective - descriptions which capture precisely the nature of their contributions: collecting texts and tracking down the sounds hidden within them; and melding text and tone to create a multi-layered work of acoustic delight. With a wry smile, Grünbein and Haage entice the listener on a journey that begins in the uterus and ends at the cemetery.

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    Mit Meret Becker, Frank Glaubrecht, Phil Minton, Hideki Ikegami, Judith Engel und Hanns Zischler Texte: Durs Grünbein Komposition, Konzept und Regie: Ulrike Haage Produktion BR/Hörspiel- und Medienkunst 2001 CD mit Booklet
    ISBN 978-3-88030-037-8
    17,50 EUR
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