• Last Words
    • Burroughs, William S.

    Last Words

    Although well into his eighties, the man we see is nevertheless the same old Burroughs, still railing against the Establishment, still contemptuous of the state of the human race, still shocking, bleak and very funny. Full of anecdotes and memories, entries on the joys of housekeeping, dealing with doctors, shooting a video with U2, musings on his beloved cats, drug-taking and government cover-ups, "Last Words" shows us a man reflective but still engaged with the state of the world. Most significantly, these journals contain some of the most brutally personal prose Burroughs has ever written. His thoughts on the deaths of his friends Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary provide a window onto the preparations Burroughs was making for his own profound sense of guilt and loss. (Our edition is in German only)

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    ISBN 978-3-88030-038-5
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