• Last words
    • Burroughs, William S.
    • Haage, Ulrike

    Last words - qui vivre verra -

    - qui vivre verra -

    The CD production for "Last Words" is inspired by a maxim that runs thematically through the entire work of William S. Burroughs: qui vivre verra. This radio drama centres on the monologue of "Old Man" Burroughs in which he voices thoughts, reflections and dreams in free association. Observations of everyday life are interspersed with glimpses of friends (Gysin, Bowles, Joan, Ginsberg) and flashbacks to the important places of his life (Tangier, Mexico, New York, Paris), as well as with reflections on his favourite writers and question marks about political issues that vexed him throughout his life.

    Mit Gottfried John, Bobo und Alexander Hacke Produktion BR / Hörspiel- und Medienkunst 1999 Ausgezeichnet als Hörspiel des Monats September 2001
    ISBN 978-3-88030-039-2
    17,50 EUR
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