• Exakte Vision
    • Haage, Ulrike
    • Voswinckel, Ulrike

    Exact Vision

    Helen Hessel's "Jules & Jim"

    "Exakte Vision" tells the story of the legendary love affair on which François Truffaut based his film "Jules and Jim". Munich and Hohenschäftlarn in Bavaria were the setting of the ménage à trois in the years 1920 and 1921. The lovers, Franz, Pierre and Helen, agreed to write collaborative diaries, keeping a record of their experiences in their own words. These diary entries were to serve as the basis for Roché's and Franz Hessel's novel. As for Helen Hessel's account, this remained in diary form and was finally published in 1991, appearing in French as a volume entitled "Journal d'Helen. Lettres à Henri-Pierre Roché". Her journal has now become an audio drama, the "pre-film" to "Jules and Jim", which only Helen lived to see: an exact vision.

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    Hardcover mit CD
    Produktion BR / Hörspiel und Medienkunst 2004 Fadengeheftetes Hardcover (64 Seiten) und CD
    ISBN 978-3-88030-042-2
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