• Die Stille hinter den Worten
    • Haage, Ulrike

    Silence beyond words

    "La vérité est personelle"

    We, the deserted, remain behind in this space full of silence, of silence fulfilled. Yet, somewhere among the sounds, the fragments of language and the music IT can surely still be found: the "was", the "has been" that is so implacably present. Every sound, every syllable, every word and every name acts like an invocation, filling the space of silence with a tangible presence. Outlines of the real, of passion, of death ... Nothing disappears. Nothing disappears without trace. Not in the fissures of the world, not in the arcanum of silence. (Harry Lachner, 2008)

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    Limitierte Auflage 2008
    ISBN 978-3-88030-043-9
    17,50 EUR
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