• Flügel und Katze
    • Biederbick, Margherita
    • Haage, Ulrike
    • Schaefer, Eric

    Wing and Cat

    Music for children

    A cat slinks over the keys of the piano. This marks the beginning of a musical journey for children that Ulrike Haage and her musical allies, Eric Schaefer (drums) and Margherita Biederbick (violin), conceived and recorded live. And now it is available on CD.

    The recording started with a concert last year around Christmastime in a rather private setting in front of a horde of spellbound children who were all ears. It centered around Das Eichhörnchen und die vier Jahreszeiten (The Squirrel and the Four Seasons), a wonderful cycle for violin, piano, and drums written by Margherita Biederbick. Also to be heard, interwoven almost like chapters in an audio play, were: Ulrike Haage?s cat song from her children?s opera Reineke Fuchs (Reineke Fox), in a new arrangement for piano; the Sick Doll by Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky; the Little Song by Dmitri Kabalevsky; a rap by Ulrike Haage from the Wind in the Willows audio recording, with Stefan Kaminski, who gave Water Rat his voice; and finally a lullaby that developed from a variation of Au claire de la lune.

    Ulrike Haage, Eric Schaefer, and Margherita Biederbick play in their usual poised, competent manner, varying the motifs also of the classical compositions, reducing them to their essence. And so the individual pieces develop slowly and delicately, coming together gradually to create a whole, and radiating a soothing, virtually peaceful tranquility. It is a musical gift, not only for Christmas, for children and adults alike.

    ISBN 9783880300514
    12,00 EUR